Welcome to UKPC Appeals

If you believe that a Parking Charge should not have been issued to a vehicle or that there are circumstances in which you feel it should be cancelled, then you should immediately appeal to UKPC as outlined below.

How to appeal a Parking Charge

This website allows you to either appeal against your parking charge online directly to UKPC or alternatively print out the form and submit your appeal via post.

PLEASE NOTE: All appeals must be made in writing via either post or the online appeals submission form. No appeals can be investigated and cancelled via telephone. If you have multiple charges, please ensure that these are appealed individually.

Please see the legalities page for further legal information and terms.

Please ensure that any appeal is sent within the designated time frame of 28 days from the date of the parking charge as to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the parking charge as set out by UKPC.

Once an appeal has been received the parking charge will remain on hold until the Appeals Department review the case and reach a decision.

Appeal a Parking Charge

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